Nasi lemak hijau, Melaka

Assalamualaikum, I'm back with another food review and this time we go local with malaysian favorite dish "Nasi Lemak". Its not easy to find a good nasi lemak nowadays. Its everywhere but to find an actual nasi lemak with flavorful rice & sambal is a challenge. But I think we found the one. This is... Continue Reading →


K fry Urban Korean

Assalamualaikum, Im back with another food review. I been meaning to write about this for quite some times but.... I'm just lazy that's all. Hehe. Okay back on February we did this food hunting/USS vacation just to celebrate finishing internship. So we did food hunting around Johor Bahru. From title above you probably know what... Continue Reading →

The End

  Sound so dramatic right but essentially all good thing must come to end. The end here is referring to my internship. I have endured 6 month of my life to this internship. (sound like torture right) but at beginning  it felt like it was (for me at least). This happen because me and new... Continue Reading →

Conquering Bukit Saga

Disclaimer: This going to be long entry Assalamualaikum all, On this fine day, I'm going to tell a story about how me and my friend conquer the most challenging hill or bukit that I EVER climb. First, let me mention that I am the least fit among my friend. Like super unfit that even taking... Continue Reading →


Dang people, just like that its 2018. I swear it was like 2017 and i was just this innocent little kid who just want that remote control car in store (I'm a bit boyish) and now I got responsibility, job and debt. Since when I become this adult. Seriously..... It was all fun and joyful... Continue Reading →

29th Southeast Asian Games

This year Malaysia has the honor to host the 29th Sea games or Southeast Asian Games and I was lucky enough to be living near the venue where most the sport event were held. Unfortunately, that does not mean I got to attend the game. Most of the game were play on weekdays and I at... Continue Reading →

It’s a girl

Hallo there... There a new addition to our family 🙌🏻. Last year I got a new sister in law and this year I got a niece. Yup you read that right. I GOT A NIECE. Boy, my brother & sister in law work fast. Hahahaha. Initially my brother want to keep it a secret as... Continue Reading →

Off the Market

Heyoooo. Another ladies off the market. We are in the 20 now so marriage news is a normal thing to heard. But in my case most of my friend not in a rush to get married except for one or two soul. Marriage is a serious thing. Its not like playing 'kawin-kawin' like we were kids. It needs... Continue Reading →

Diva Run

Hai there, I've been meaning to write about this for some times now but you know... life happen.. hehe. Last semester Amira came across with the diva run ad. From the name you probably figure out its a fun/relax run and not those serious athlete run. Yeah. so she figure it would be fun to join... Continue Reading →

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