Nasi lemak hijau, Melaka


I’m back with another food review and this time we go local with malaysian favorite dish “Nasi Lemak”. Its not easy to find a good nasi lemak nowadays. Its everywhere but to find an actual nasi lemak with flavorful rice & sambal is a challenge. But I think we found the one. This is literally a hidden gem. Its not located in brick shop or mall. Its one of those kampung stall and without waze we probably won’t found it.

I knew about this thru word of mouth. Apparently its was viral but since I rarely used Facebook and now twitter anything viral need to come thru word of mouth which resulting to me knowing way too late. Haha.

I’ve been there twice and both time the rice and sambal are not disappointing . The rice is good, the sambal is flavorful (not to spicy, not to sweet). They come with variety of selection of type of nasi lemak side dish from sotong raja, crispy cheese, crispy buttermilk, keli crispy and many more. Oh by the way each of nasi lemak will come with fried egg.

The first time I got the sotong raja (RM15) and the second time the crispy cheese (RM12). So crispy cheese is fried chicken with cheese sauce. It actually a very good combo cheese and nasi lemak. It would be a first for me mixing it. Unfortunately the second time I come here the place were packed with people since its fasting month and luckily we booked it earlier. They probably overcook my fried chicken because the outer layer taste burn but the chicken is still tender.

Nasi lemak hijau sotong raja

Nasi lemak hijau crispy cheese

The buttermilk was fine but i would not recommend it. I probably go for crispy cheese and sotong raja. The price also not bad and the portion is quite large. You guys definitely need to try it. Oh btw you can just waze “nasi lemak hijau melaka” to go there.


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