2017 resolution

Assalamualaikum. Yeah, I know.... Its to late to talk about resolution but I still going to talk about it. ;p . I not normally make new years resolution and I'm going to tell you way. All talk but no action. As usual, I can make all the list I wanted but if no action then... Continue Reading →


Kuala Lumpur

Assalamualaikum guys. This semester is really tough (I said that every single semester). But seriously this semester is really something and last week is our last class so that’s mean final exam is around the corner. But….. before I prepare for the final, we decided to take a short little vacation. Just to reward ourselves... Continue Reading →

zul wedding part 2

Assalamualaikum, Let’s continue to the part 2 of my brother wedding. Part 2 consist of my brother side which happen a week after the bride wedding. In western culture wedding ceremony only done  once right. In Malaysia we a bit different. Both side usually do the ceremony. Usually here means that it entirely up to... Continue Reading →

Zul weeding part 1

Assalamualaikum, I know, I know. I've been MIA from updating this blog. Been quite busy lately w student crap. hehe. So the topic today is my brother weeding or zul weeding since I call him by his name and not abang/bro/along. People been telling me that I seem not too excited that my brother are... Continue Reading →

Public transportation 🚍

Assalamualaikum, Since I got nothing better to do (got tone of assignment to finish) so I decided to write about public transportation but more focused on bus lah.  Lately I been taking the bus quite frequently due to the fact that my mom is not very well to pick me up every weekend like the... Continue Reading →


Not a big fan of cooking but a huge fan of eating. haha. So much work goes in cooking that's why I choose not to cook. But recently my mom got sick so since I'm the only daughter in the family those duties falls to me. Logically if you already 22 you should already know... Continue Reading →


I'm officially 22. *imagine the song 22 by taylor swift on the background. Sorry no sound for this post because I'm to cheap to upgrade this WordPress. haha. How do I feel ? Honestly, nothing.... It is just a number for me and the day is just like other day. well, I been raise in... Continue Reading →

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