Off the Market


Another ladies off the market. We are in the 20 now so marriage news is a normal thing to heard. But in my case most of my friend not in a rush to get married except for one or two soul. Marriage is a serious thing. Its not like playing ‘kawin-kawin’ like we were kids. It needs commitment, planning, willingness to share things. The closest of commitment that I have is my internet bills. I consistently paid it every single month. HAHAHA.

So yeah. I’m in no rush when it comes to marriage but some people are ready so who am I to judge right. If you are ready and you find the right guy to spent the rest of your life with then I am going to stand here supporting and rutting for you. WUHUUUUUU~~

Who exactly get married? Its my university/housemate friend, Linda. She is what we call a ‘wife material’. She good at everything especially cooking. In fact, back when we were housemate in diploma year she the one who cook for us. Linda and Amira. I just eat. HEHE. Not to mention pretty and polite to elder. Its good to say that if you bring her to your mother, she will approved.

Even in diploma I already know she is ready to get married. If you look at me in the other hand, you’ll be shaking your head instead. HAHA. For her case is same as my brother. Reunited with an old ex. She dated her husband back in high school or very long time ago (still blurry on the details) and after breakup with the most recent BF, they somehow rekindle their love again and next thing I knew they were engaged. She keep it low key, but I manage to know. (since I friends with pakar stalker plus she keep dropping hints on social media).

She got married on Friday and the ceremony was held at her house in Sungai Pelek. It was small ceremony (nikah) with close family & friend since it was not the actual event. The actual marriage ceremony maybe done in November or December (still on the works).

I am absolutely/most definitely happy for her. Cant wait to have cute baby in the future. I’ll be the coolest auntie that you (imaginary baby that may or may not been born yet) ever had. My sister in law is due on August and my best friend yusrina also having a baby so I am surround by babies. Suddenly become hormonal like I’m the one who’s having a baby right. HAHA

Below are some picture from the Nikah:



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