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Im back with another food review. I been meaning to write about this for quite some times but…. I’m just lazy that’s all. Hehe. Okay back on February we did this food hunting/USS vacation just to celebrate finishing internship. So we did food hunting around Johor Bahru. From title above you probably know what I going to talk about. K fry.

We went to k fry holiday villa which located at…. I had no idea. Haha. You guys can just waze it. Parking quite hard to find so we had to park inside the building. Its located on the second floor. Interior wise, its like all those Korean food shop with industrial interior combining with Kpop song on the background. The staff is friendly and very helpful in helping us ordering the food.

This would be our first time here so we had no idea how to order and how much the portion to order since there is 5 of us.We end up ordering k’razy spicy cheesy fried chicken bumbuk (RM49.90) and bulgogi fries (RM14.90). Plain water are free so no need to order water.

The portion for the bumbuk is enough for the 5 of us but that is because we already ate kfc a couple hour back. If eat with an empty stomach probably not going to be enough. Taste wise? The k’razy spicy cheesy fried chicken bumbuk taste odd. Its not spicy and there something about the flavor of the spicy chicken that didn’t sit well with me. Some of my friend said it taste SO GOOD but in my opinion it just meh. The bulgogi fries is good. You can taste the flavor of the sauce and the fries are cook to perfection and pair with bulgogi beef. Fuh nice.

I cannot say for other flavor of bumbuk because I only tasted the spicy cheesy fried chicken. Maybe only in this outlet it tasted a bit weird or maybe my friend have bad taste in food. Well its subjective. There’s no right and wrong. It depend on one preference. But seriously it taste weird. HAHAHAHA.

would i came back? Probably not since I found far more tastier and cheaper korean friend chicken outlet out there like choo choo chicken & nene chicken ( this one a bit pricy but taste THE BOOM). But to those who want to try, by all mean please go to taste and experience the cheese pulling & wrapping.

Spicy cheesy fried chicken Bulgogi fries


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