The End


Sound so dramatic right but essentially all good thing must come to end. The end here is referring to my internship. I have endured 6 month of my life to this internship. (sound like torture right) but at beginning  it felt like it was (for me at least). This happen because me and new environment is not a good match. I’ll take a long time to adapt to the people since I quite passive and shy person (yes I admitted it) but thru time I got to know all the staff and let me tell you, they all fine people.

I’m so exited that it over mainly because my vacation is waiting for me. The only non exciting thing is I have to go back to University and finish my last semester.

Since I’m just the intern so they weren’t giving me the real deal. Just the entry level stuff like key in invoice and letter and tender evaluation and analysis accounting budget. But I learn other stuff that related to accounting but weren’t accounting itself. What I’m trying to say here is before I went for my internship, in my head was

“accounting must have debit credit”

“you will do financial position, balance sheet, ledger”

Well, all that is true. But accounting is much more than just what I mention on top (depending in what company you work at). Since I didn’t intern in audit or accounting firm, the scope of accounting just got even bigger. I intern at development company that build building and houses and was place in the group finance property division. Hence, everything that related to accounting and attached to building and houses going to be in our department.

So some scope that quite different from what I normally learn is CCU group or Credit Control Unit where I learn to make reminder (letter to asked buyer to pay based on progress of the development). Accountant making letter? Like WTF right. But this is essential to accounting process as without payment how we going to pay contractor that build the building or houses. And of course the CCU not just make letter. They do a lot more like hedging and other important stuff that I didn’t know because my supervisor is not from CCU. HA HA.

I was put under En Azim from the Management account/finance unit. In general what this unit do is handle company account. The more detail is doing budgeting, analyzing budget, profit & loss, financial position and analyzing performance of the company which I did a lot of the analyzing stuff since they can’t just asked me to do budgeting of the company to the intern right. HA HA. Analyzing use a lot of critical thinking and constantly asking “why” like “why actual budget higher than budgeted” and so on lah.

Of course nothing is perfect and here also no exception. Each department totally need to have a more structure program for the intern like “what to teach us” or “schedule of what we have to learn before ending internship”. This will prevent intern to do repetition work to no work which I have experience. Some days I have no work at all so I end up playing with the internet and some days I just do the same thing for more than 3 days.

Nevertheless, this past 6 month I learn a lot, not just accounting but also experience a real working world plus making tons of new friend from different study background. Truly going to missed all the people here 😥


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