Dang people, just like that its 2018. I swear it was like 2017 and i was just this innocent little kid who just want that remote control car in store (I’m a bit boyish) and now I got responsibility, job and debt. Since when I become this adult. Seriously…..

It was all fun and joyful when I went to Putrajaya to celebrate New Year (my first time ever). Since I was staying in KL and my parent are 2 state away so I got a little freedom to go beyond the normal curfew time. So yah, me and izzati and syera went for celebration just to see firework plus there was a light show. We even rented bean bag just to increase our experience there. Unfortunately there are so much crowd and not to mention the grass was wet and there this couple decided to stand right in front of us so basically instead of seeing the light show, I got to see the guy butt (its not even one of those plump butt. Ergh). Then they decided to do a little drama like seriously…..Get a room already -_- .

Nevertheless the firework was awesome and the light festival was pretty too. We went home at 1am along with 20,000 other people so the traffic were bad (i may have exaggerate the figure) hehe. Manage to get out of Putrajaya at 2 am, thanks to Izzati driving. If it was mine, 3am and we still going to be there. HAHAHA

SO a few days later, it was just a normal day and I was just scrolling thru Instagram and came across one of Malaysian celebrity who was born same year as me and somewhere in the caption was 24 this year or 24 years old or whatever (i forget already) but there is 24. AND all of the sudden I just realist ‘shit, im 24 this year’. and panic strike.

what I have done for the past 24 year?

Am I that old now?

I’m half away from being 30

I don’t even have a job but already got debt (who’s brilliant idea to get student loan. oh wait I did that -_-)

I’m that one relative who still receiving ‘duit raya’ even tho I’m way too old for it because I’m still studying and not married.

That’s basically what goes on my mind at the time. I even asked my friend how old we were just to make sure. HAHAHA.

Since its 2018 and you know what that mean right? Its “New year, new me” shit or “new resolution”. Well this year I’m not making any. Just live my life as best as I can and be happy. That’s it.

So to all, Happy New Year and hopefully you guys have a great year πŸ™‚



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