Conquering Bukit Saga

Disclaimer: This going to be long entry

Assalamualaikum all,

On this fine day, I’m going to tell a story about how me and my friend conquer the most challenging hill or bukit that I EVER climb. First, let me mention that I am the least fit among my friend. Like super unfit that even taking few steps up the stairs, I’m already out of breath.

Second, I did not do any research on this hill at all. I just know that it has a waterfall. So I just assumed that its not that hard. Oh! how I was wrong. Thirdly, I did not prepare for the hike. Since I assumed its not that high plus my friend (who has hike it before) said “Its not that high guys”. And I believe her. So I did not exercise or build my stamina at all.

Fifthly, I did not get enough rest the day before and did not take any food that morning. We did a light stretching before hiking and in 2 minutes of hiking, I already felt the exhaustion. And of course I stop to rest and the others also have to stop. I insist for them to continued the hike without me since I stop pretty much every 2 minute or less. Plus there were a lot of hikers that day so even tho we in the middle of the forest, I don’t actually felt alone because there will be someone passing by you.

the stairs of death…..

Izzati continued hiking alone but the other two (azrin & alia) wait for me and insist on it. We weren’t even coming close to the first check-point and already told them that I’m quitting. What a wuss right. But to my defense, I’M REALLY UNHEALTHY. You had no idea how fast my heart beating. It felt like my heart going to move out of my chest. BUT again, Azrin & Alia keep on pushing me. Encouraging me. Basically, they are my personal cheerleader.

nak dekat dah tu debot”

“dah nak sampai top tu debot sebab dah cerah atas tu”

“debot, atas tu je debot”

That is all the lies that they have to tell me so that I’ll move. I heard it more than 10 times and we never came to the top. HA HA.ย  Eventually we came to a point were the trail stop becoming steep and the next thing I know we reach the highest point. I got little confuse because I was expecting ‘a top’. You know, with a view of Kuala lumpur and we are on the edge of a cliff. Instead, we got “highest point” which have this pointy shape like a dome thing and no view at all. The highest point is surround by trees so there is no view.

pointy shape like a dome thingy…

I sweat and panting like there is not enough air in this world for pointy shape dome? Seriously?…….. Beyond the highest point there are two path you can go. Either “the waterfall” or Bukit saga hilltop (not really a hilltop since there is no view). So we decide to go to waterfall to meet with Izzati. I though hell is over, but girl….HELL is just beginning.

to waterfall here we go….

The trail to the waterfall at first is very straight forward but then………it begin. We end up having to go downward and not that one step of the stairs kind of downward. Its more like downhill step and if you as so much as misplace your foot, you going to fall down 10 feet below. (I totally not exaggerate at all) *serious face*. I’m okay with downward because it not that tiring but then all of the sudden we have to go upward. Then my leg cramp. Yes guys, my leg cramp!! Good thing I came in prepare and bring my ointment. After so much upward hiking we finally reach waterfall.

Surprisingly small but at that point I just grateful we arrived in one piece. Oh, remember that we supposed to meet Izzati at the waterfall? Well, she left. HA HA. Because it took us about an hour or more to reach the waterfall due to my constant stopping. HE HE.

Before we go any further, let me tell you guys something about Bukit Saga. Okay. Basicallyย  Bukit Saga is not the only Bukit or hill there. There is two hill which is Bukit Saga and Bukit Apek combine in one huge hill. We all did not know that because we all did not do any research about this hill at all. Lesson learn guys. There are many entry & exit point to go to Bukit Saga. There’s also many trail that one can choose from and of course I didn’t know that too.

We hang out at the waterfall quite a while before going back out and decided not to go the way we came because of the step hill. So we end up going the other two route which I believe going to take us to hilltop of Bukit Saga and Bukit Apek. At the time we didn’t know that Bukit Apek were existed. We asked other hiker which route is the best one and they said to take the route of Bukit Apek (which at the time they just point the direction without mentioning about Bukit Apek). Its longer but its less step so we just went along with the route.

At this point I think I stop almost 50 times already and just asked God to save me because exhaustion and leg cramp is not good combination plus I run out of water. Then we came to a check point where there is people selling water. kalau boleh sis dah sujud syukur dah. Here’s where things got tricky and confusing. Since the only exit and entry that we know is Bukit Saga (due to no researching) so we asked the uncle which route to go to bukit saga since there is two route there. So he told us to go to the right route which at the time I thought ‘oh. We finally going to go to the exit. YEAH!!!”. Oh how I was wrong.

It was long route also but we get to the hilltop which I was like “what the hell? I want EXIT. This is not EXIT. Damn it.” We rest a bit before continued the journey TO THE EXIT. By this time I just follow the other two. To tired to even think. To tired to even enjoy the hammock that was there. So the journey must be continued right. Crossing our finger hopping to the exit. Yeah, NOPE. We end up yet at another hilltop.



“bangkai la aku dah la penat ni”

Yeah, I got a little bit emotional at this point. To a point where I think of other ways to get out like calling the rescue people to picked us up by helicopter. HA HA HA. Thank god there’s free water. Oh yeah. There’s cell signal at that top so “calling rescue” isn’t a bad idea and zati whatsapps us saying that she end up exiting to different route and have to take grab to the entrance that we enter. Like I mention earlier, I was too tired for my brain to function properly. So when I received the text I was like

“Why the hell she need to take a grab?”

“there’s only one exit”

“I just going to ignore her text because I just too tired to deal with this right now”

And after a while when the other received the text and explain it to me then I get it and just burst into laughter. So it kind of brighten the gloomy mood that we been having. On the way down which also longer than when we went up because we decided to take other route and because it just raining so the ground were a bit wet and azrin accidentally fall down and hurt her feet. So the journey to the exit become even more slower but better slow and safe then fast and unsafe right.

There are so many pro’s hiker at this hill. We seen this uncle running uphill. RUNNING. I can barely walk and he who is in his 50s running uphill. You should be ashamed ADIBAH!. There’s also this auntie fast walk downhill. We were all holding ropes and tree to stable our self downhill but not this auntie. She basically just hop around and the next thing we knew she just disappear from our sight.

OH btw I also slip and fell down at the end of the trail. Luckily nobody saw it and I have a solid butt so it basically absorb the fall pretty well. HA HA HA. No word to describe the feeling when we exit Bukit Saga/Bukit Apek. For a healthy person it is a easy to mid range of difficulty but for unhealthy person such as me this hill is hella hard. This is the first time I test my body this hard. Surprise that I still breathing. HA HA HA.

Ps: Please research first before hike any hill or mountain and make necessary preparation before hand.








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