29th Southeast Asian Games

This year Malaysia has the honor to host the 29th Sea games or Southeast Asian Games and I was lucky enough to be living near the venue where most the sport event were held. Unfortunately, that does not mean I got to attend the game. Most of the game were play on weekdays and I at this moment still on my internship so I cannot simply asked for a leave so that I can attend the game.

BUT…I did watch some sport live stream (almost scream on the bus watching netball game between MAS vs SIG) it was so intense. Thanks to the unlimited data that I subscribe, I also watch the opening ceremony live stream.

It was so beautiful. The lights, the performance, the scenery. I was at awe watching the opening thru small phone of mine. So I was determine to go to for the closing ceremony and luckily my friend asked. Not to mention the closing was held on 30th August so we Malaysian not only celebrated closing ceremony but also Merdeka day (Independent day).

Apparently every year on 30th August, my company gave half day off in conjunction with Merdeka so I got a head start but unfortunately my myrapid student card got lost so I have to renew it since I’ll be saving a lot with student pricing and I went to Pasar Seni LRT (the only place you can do rapid card) and it was packed with people. Almost 2 hour I waited before I got to do my card and by that time I finished it already 6 and people are already packing in the LRT to go to Bukit Jalil.

Syera come a bit later and we went for a bite from various food truck that was there. I usually hate places where there is so much people but this time is a bit different (excited much). We went inside the stadium a bit late since we have to wait for my friend (her ticket is with us). All the best seat are taken so we seat behind the stage (well not literally behind it, more to the right) . oh our section is next to the athlete section.

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I MEAN ALL OF IT. The stadium lighting, everyone energy and spirit, the performance, the montage video, EVERYTHING La… It is more memorable when Malaysia become the highest gold medal holder. I don’t remember a time I didn’t scream or sing along. The closing ceremony was actually pretty short. After the passing of the flag to next country to host the Sea Game and singing their national anthem (Philippine), the ceremony ended. All the athlete when home but we stay because Merdeka celebration started right after closing ceremony.

So many nostalgic song and legend Malaysian singer came to perform that night. I sing so loud (horribly actually) but I don’t care. I was so pump up and excited. I do apologize to the people who seated approximately 5 meter from me for the horrible singing and screaming.

It end with a super long speeches from our prime minister (whom I will not mention). It was so long that he missed the 12 am mark. People actually booing at him (LOUD), he just laugh. But eventually he said something that all Malaysian want to hear. NO NO, not that he going to resign tho ( i wished *eye rolls) but 1 September “CUTI”. You know, we Malaysian LOVES our holiday. We rank number 5 on the highest holiday in the world. #facts

All was fun until the time to go home. OH MY GOD! It was so pack and suffocating to go to the LRT station. There’re literally thousand of people trying to go inside the LRT at the same time. People are pushing and screaming and yelling. Almost an hour stuck in it until we manage to get inside and catch the first LRT that we saw (it was 2am) and manage to went home safely.

yup this is how many people trying to take the train

I not normally when out to celebrate this kind of event and luckily I went to the ceremony despite the amount of people and the poor transportation management, I still have fun.

ps: sorry for the late update. 🙂


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