Diva Run

Hai there,

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some times now but you know… life happen.. hehe. Last semester Amira came across with the diva run ad. From the name you probably figure out its a fun/relax run and not those serious athlete run. Yeah. so she figure it would be fun to join because well why not right. We never join a run before. The only run that I have to join post my athlete year is ‘ujian kecergasan’ that we have to do for curriculum in university. And it was horrible. I remember wanting to pass out. That what happen when you stop being healthy and became fat. HAHA

diva run is a pairing run meaning you register with a partner but that does not mean you have to run together all the way. My partner is my old friend from elementary school (yeah. we still friend.) and we used to play netball together (back when I was thin and athletics). She in the other hand are still thin and athletics so i’m not going to hold her down on this run. I told her to run and don’t mind me. I’ll be walking. HEHE


Amira partner up with her brother and her cousin also were there. I got 3 month to prepare for the run and guess what? a week or two before the run then I decide to jog. (last minute kind of a person). Oh ya, the event was held at Heriot-Watt University, Putrajaya. So we have to stay at Amira house since we have to be there early in the morning and because of that we accidently left our running number (the one you wear on your shirt).

The organizer said without it we would be ‘ghost runner’. In another word is invalid runner. I was so devastated that I decided to not run. But after awhile I though why be angry or sad for your own mistake right. Just accept it and move on. So I decide to just run even without the number. It was so many participant that they are not going to check one by one right. IMG_5315

When the race start, Zulaikha (my partner) vanish from thin air. Haha. Amira brother also start to disappear, leaving me and Amira pairing together. We walk obiously. Well speed walk. We jog a little. Half way through, we were the few people on the back. So we decided to take a short cut at the park and lake since so many people did. HAHA. So many people stop by the park and lake to take picture that we are not at the back anymore. More like at the middle. haha


So we manage to cross the finish line in one piece. The other cross wayyy earlier. Yeah about being a ‘ghost runner’, we though we weren’t be able to take the medal and certificate (which we already paid for including the tshirt). But there we so many people storming at the medal and certificate table that they just give it away without looking at the number. So we just storm in and got ours. Hehe.


we got 2 medals 🙂


We went straight home to Lendu after that. It was so much fun and Putrajaya is such beautiful place to be. I urged to join this kind of run because it is not only healthy for u but also super fun to join.



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