Welcome Juniors

Hallo/Hai/Sup/Salam/Ni hao

How was everything guys? Good? Great… I’m doing okay I guess, considering the s@#t load of assignment that we have to submit. Okay lari topic. Let me get back to the topic.

Last week we got new student. Or we like to called it part 1 or juniors or anjing ( I’m not one of those senior that think it okay to called them that). I’m in my degree and those juniors are from diploma program so they are fresh meat. Hahaha. That makes me super old. hahaha *laughing in tears.

They have to undergo this PMDS program. Some sort of ice breaking thing. Its took 4 or 5 days if I’m not mistaken. I’m one of the lucky one because I didn’t have to attend PMDS back when I’m in my diploma (I’m special weh). Nah! kidding lah. I’m one of the few lucky student that got in by second appeal application.

I saw these juniors when we finished class at 5pm and they are sitting on the concrete floor with ‘baju kurung’ and ‘tudung putih’. And the first thing that pop in my mind is “ahhh so pure, innocent & clueless”. They had no idea what going to hit them. hahaha

If one of them asked for advice, I probably would told them the get the hell out and never look back. hahaha. Okay no lah. My advice would be to really pick the right group mate because the thing that I learn thru diplomas and degree is that if you picked the wrong person, you going end up caring their s#@$. And stay away from drama because life is hard enough sweetie. You don’t need to add problem to it. I’m lucky enough to be surround by great people who understand me greatly. Of course there’s bumps here and there. But that’s just life. Ohhh one more thing. Don’t lah couple with boy or girl in your class. Like seriously when you guys break up, it become so awkward and unpleasant to watch the awkwardness tahu takkkkk.

Basically university is like hunger game. Its about survival. Know your game plan. Sets goal like dean list or 3.5 pointer and above or whatever. I wish someone could tell me all this because boy, I screw up and it just to late to do anything about it. I have lost the spirit to even wanting to study . Just thinking about graduating at this point.

Well, I’m going to leave this post by showing my Part 1 picture. Please don’t laugh okay.



I’m the girl with pattern shirt and white t-shirt. I know right. So stylish…..





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