Inaz Big Day


I know, I know. Its been a while since I write. I have a whole bunch of story to tell but at this moment I can only update one at a time since… well ikut mood lah.

Lets get back to the topic. Recently lots of people are getting married. Mostly my schoolmate that I’m not so close with so I didn’t care that much but Inaz is my classmate back when we did Diploma not so long ago. So I would say it is a big deal. In fact, she the first in our batch to ‘naik pelamin’.

Inaz and her husband been a item since high school weh. This is true definition of #relationshipgoal. To commit for so long and finally popped the big question. They even looks alike. No joke weh. hahaha.

On the weeding day some of us was asked to make a speech for the lovely couple and many said the cliché wishes like ‘semoga kekal ke anak cucu’ or ‘kekal bahagia’ but Izzati makes this lain macam punya wishes which were if I’m not mistaken ‘jangan nakal-nakal malam karang’ or ‘nanti panas malam karang’. Its something that some what ‘dirty’ but funny and everyone can relate with. So everyone laugh.

It was simple and lovely weeding and I hope that babies will be popping out anytime soon because I LOVE BABIES. hahaha


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