2017 resolution


Yeah, I know…. Its to late to talk about resolution but I still going to talk about it. ;p . I not normally make new years resolution and I’m going to tell you way.

  1. All talk but no action. As usual, I can make all the list I wanted but if no action then it become useless and every year it tend to be so. Thus I just stop making resolution.
  2. The same list every single time. For so many year, my resolution always to be skinnier and every single time it failed. I did not just failed, instead of losing weight, I gain more weight. Bravo!!!
  3. I’m going to forget about it within 2 month. On the last month of the year then I’ll remember about it and regret not pursuing it. Then I’m going to feel horrible because I’m still fat. HAHA.


recently I got a wake up call. I’m 0.6 kg to reach 100 kg. I almost have a heart attack when I weight my body. No no no. I will not reach 100 kg. Soooooo this year I’m creating new years resolution but not the cliché resolution that I have been made for the past so many year. Basically this is my resolution:

  1. Be healthier. Not necessarily be skinnier but healthier. Eat healthy food and the right portion
  2. Less fast food. To actually stop eating fast food is POSSIBLE but I’m not going to cut my pleasure food, just taking less of it. Maybe once a month or once every two month.
  3. Exercise. I don’t exercise so I going to try exercise (jogging, plank, push up & etc) at least once a week.
  4. Taking less sugar. LOVE LOVE LOVE candy or chocolate. Not to mention coffee. So less of those.

That’s it. I really hope I can hold these resolution until the end of the year. Crossing finger…


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