Kuala Lumpur

Assalamualaikum guys.

This semester is really tough (I said that every single semester). But seriously this semester is really something and last week is our last class so that’s mean final exam is around the corner. But….. before I prepare for the final, we decided to take a short little vacation. Just to reward ourselves for surviving this semester. Originally we plan for food hunting in Johor. Then it got canceled and we just plan to go to KL, crossing some of the bucket list that been in the bucket list from the diploma years. I just realized that when it comes to vacation, the more planning we make the more likely it going to get cancel. Over the years we just make on the spot planning.

Two things in our bucket list is ikea and petrosains. I have never been to ikea since they only located in KL and Amira never been to petrosains in KLCC. So this is the greatest moment to cross the list from the bucket. Shout out to Amira mom for sponsoring our hotel room. We usually stay at Amira house if we planning to go to KL but since the house is under construction so there no place for us to stay and Amira mom work with hotel so she book us a room at the hotel she work which is ancasa hotel next to pudu sentral.  We stay in a two single bed room with an extra bed. We check in and see Amira mom and then went to ikea Cheras.

Excuse the excitement ok! This is my first time coming to ikea. The place is HUGE. So huge that my feet got hurt from walking. I think I lost a couple of pound from walking too. HAHA. We went eating first and the place is packed with people. The style of serving is like the western school cafeteria where you have to get in line and get a tray and pick and choose what you want to eat from the display. We went for the typical food that normally people ate here which is meatball. Ahhhh the famous meatball. The 20 piece meatball we share and then for the individual meal I choose pasta with meatball same goes with Amira. Side dish and desert we got the mushroom soup and crème brulee and almond cake. The sauce and the jam make the meatball famous in my opinion and the pasta with meatball is average in my book. I can cook way better pasta sauce than this one. Haha. Kudus tho for the mushroom soup and almond cake. The mushroom soup is filled with herb and spices. Full of flavor. The almond cake fuhhhh. Mantop! Not stingy at all in term of almond. Creamy and full of chunk of almond. It is so full of almond, pimples just emerged from my face right after I ate it (nah just kidding but it did popped up that night). Crème brulee is creamy and smooth. The only down side is they did not torch it. Then we went to check out the place. Let me tell you, 5 minute I’m in there I already planning for my future. HAHA. The way they display and designed each room is just perfection. So perfect that you already thinking how to decorate your daughter room or the type of kitchen you want in your imaginary house that you yet have. The price is quite pricy too. I just laugh went I saw the price tag. Hahaha. We walk the entire warehouse from top to bottom and the only thing I bought is ikea bag medium size. Hahaha. Amira bought rain coat for her special someone that cost her RM30 and heart toy. I did buy ice cream and karipap at the food court next to the checkout counter. The karipap is surprisingly good and big.

The next day were the adventure begins. We did not take the car to KLCC since it’s the holiday and KL is just going to be pack with people and then have to find parking and have to pay parking ticket and just waste of petrol. You get me? Hahaha. So instead we take the public transport which is the LRT. Pudu is quite near to KLCC so the ride was brief. We take LRT from pudu to masjid jamek which is just one station only and change to putera subway which is underground to go straight to KLCC. My first ride on an underground subway. We popped out from the underground subway to a building next to the KLCC so we have to walk across.

Not a great time to go to KLCC since it’s packed with people. We went straight to Petrosains and buy the tickets. We got discount price because we have student card. RM18 per person for all excess. Cheaper if you skip the ride but since Amira never come here so she need to do all things. HAHA. Long line to take the ride about 10 to 20 minutes. Basically you’re riding super slow roller coaster in a shape of a ball through a dark tunnel that going to popped little general information about Malaysia. FUHHHH. (read those w one breath). After that super slow ride begin your adventure. For us, begins adventure with hundred other children. HAHA. We are more child than the other child. That’s how child we are. HAHA. Start with Mars exhibition then to space to dinosaur era to general science stuff to oil plantation exhibition to the ride (the end). It would be very very blog if I explain each one so I give just the highlight ok. Super cool that you got to try all the experiment but bare in mind you have to share with other visitor so don’t conquer it by yourself. Since we are older (way older to play w the toys there), we pretty much give way to the kids to play. Well actually we didn’t get the chance to play because the kids didn’t let us. So we skip most things since there are general science that we already learn in school.

The volunteer  there are very friendly. Explaining one by one to us. Before ending the fun by riding the super slow ride, we manage to join the building class. Basicly we were given 50 ice cream stick and build as high as possible building. Of course we are the only adult there with no kids. HAHA. Who care right?. Ohh on the ride out we were join with 2 other hot and super tall foreigner. HOHO. We end the adventure by heading to the gift shop.

Did I mention that KLCC is pack with people? I did. Good because it was pack especially the food court. We have to wait to be seated. Amira and yasmin got the fastest food possible which is Subway. I on the other hand need more carb than a sandwich so I went to get spaghetti. Then went for window shopping ( no money loh) before heading back to the hotel.

Merry Christmas 

Overall, its been a fun short trip. Tiring from all those walking but FUN. huhuh


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