Jonker walk/ hokkaido aiscream puff

Assalamualaikum/ hallo/ whatsup/ supp

I’ve been staying in Melacca for about 6 years now but I can count with one hand how many time I’ve been to jonker walk. About 3 times. Hahaha. Since I’m not a big fan of crowded place, jonker walk would be the last place I want to visit. 

What actually is jonker walk? History wise, I have no idea. Haha. Jonker walk generally a tourist attraction where old building combine with art plus cafe and souvenirs shop. And at night there will be  night market along the jonker walk selling from souvenir to food to gadgets stuff. Before this the night market only open on Wednesday night but now probably open every night or on weekends. I’m not so sure on that.

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to go to jonker walk in search for the famous hokkaido aiscream puff which located at the main entrance of jonker walk and unexpectedly there is night market so we just stroll through it. It was raining tho so we have to bring umbrella but don’t worry cause the stall sell those raining coat for RM2 only. Most of the seller are Chinese so we not sure either it ‘halal’ or not so to be safe we didn’t buy food that required it to be halal. I did buy fresh watermelon juice. Hee. 

After walking through the night market we went back to the hokkaido stall to get our aiscream that we already order on advance. Plenty of flavor to choose from and I originally want to order manggo flavor but it sold out so I choose raspberry ripple instead. In term of aiscream, it’s fine, nothing special going on but the puff is quite good. Not to mention the price is very affordable. Only RM3.80 each. Mira also buy a dessert called eye drop or tear drop. Its a jelly shape as tear drop that serve with ‘gula melaka’ and peanuts shaving. Soft, crunchy and sweet in one bite. 

If you happen to be in Melacca, jonker walk would be a mandatory place to go to.


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