zul wedding part 2


Let’s continue to the part 2 of my brother wedding. Part 2 consist of my brother side which happen a week after the bride wedding. In western culture wedding ceremony only done  once right. In Malaysia we a bit different. Both side usually do the ceremony. Usually here means that it entirely up to you whether you want to do it twice or only once. Depending on how you like it or how much money you have. Normally people do it twice since each side (bride and groom) have tone of relative and friend and neighbor. So if only done once the ceremony going to be crazy pack

One other things that wedding here different from western people is that we pretty much invite everyone. There is no such things as wedding crasher. You can come even though you didn’t get invited. It’s a happy celebration so we are feasting you with food and gift. It consider rude or impolite if your son or daughter getting married and you didn’t invite neighbor or relative (far or near). If it up to me, I would done it a close ceremony with no more than 200 people. Hahaha. My mom would go crazy if I do that. Hehe

So for zul wedding he pretty much put all the guest list duty to my mom and dad since they know a lot of people. From relative near and far (most of I didn’t even recognize and know of) to neighbor and friend of my mom and dad. About 800 people were invited and the food was prepare for 1000 people. Even that the food were all gone by 4 pm.

There a tradition where usually after you done eating and then you go to the ‘tuan rumah’ or parent of the bride or groom and you give an envelope that contain money. It’s not mandatory tho so it’s okay not to give. In Johor it kind of custom to give a pack of nasi minyak and lauk daging plus door gift to the guest. Other country only give door gift to the guest. Most of my close relative pitch in in term of money or item needed for my brother wedding. It’s a system that been used for century in our family so if their kids getting married in the future the same help will be given to them.

The ceremony start at 10 when a group ‘marhaban’ come to read the Yassin. At 11 people already come to eat. The ‘bersanding’ start at 2pm and end at 4 initially but it depend on the guest actually. If at 5 still people comes so it’s okay but there a danger of food runs out. I didn’t do much on that day since I have a lot of other relative who older and more experience in this things than me so most of them help. I did help the day before prepare the door gift and rearrange things.

The ceremony went smoothly even it rains a little bit. The food was very good since the caterer that my mom order is from Man Catering. Their food are always delicious. My parent always eat at their place so they known each other.

It was a very tiring day but we are very grateful it went smoothly and I wish the marriage with kak yaya will continue till the end of time. Please give birth to a lot of kids. hahaha


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