Zul weeding part 1


I know, I know. I’ve been MIA from updating this blog. Been quite busy lately w student crap. hehe. So the topic today is my brother weeding or zul weeding since I call him by his name and not abang/bro/along.

People been telling me that I seem not too excited that my brother are getting married. Well first of all. He’s the one who getting married and not me so excuse me for my lack of excitement. hahaha.

Second , me and him we have estrange relationship since the age gap between us are huge. 7 years age diff. When he is trying to figure out his life, I still play with barbie dolls (nah… was just joking. I play with boys toy ). So we never connected that well. We always fighting if put in the same room and as an adult we just drifted apart.

But he is still my brother and I do love him (don’t tell him that). So I’m happy that he getting married. I just don’t show it on my face la. I show thru post in Instagram and blog. See! haha.

my brother

So last week is his weeding day (for the female side). My brother sent 8 ‘hantaran’ to give to the bride and the bride give 10 ‘hantaran’ to my brother. The ceremony was held at main mosque in Muar. There is a little hiccup here and there but I won’t go into detail.

On the ‘akad nikah’ my brother have to repeat 3 times since he talk pretty slow. I guest the female side didn’t heard him so he have to repeat it again. First lafas dah sah dah. Then we all went to have breakfast prepare from the bride side. We went home after that but at 2 pm we have to return back for the weeding ceremony. Unfortunately my mom not well so she didn’t come. So I have to take my mom place. The ceremony was beautiful.

It was short for me since I have to go back to Melaka so I didn’t stay that long for it. Short but meaningfull. haha. I’ll be continuingΒ  for the second part on my second post orait.


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