Public transportation 🚍


Since I got nothing better to do (got tone of assignment to finish) so I decided to write about public transportation but more focused on bus lah. 

Lately I been taking the bus quite frequently due to the fact that my mom is not very well to pick me up every weekend like the old days & my dad not going anywhere without my mom so as a grown ass women, I take the bus like million of people in this world who been traveling via public transport for centuries.Haha

I’m very fortunate that my university is only one state away so I can just take the “ting tong bus” plus it’s cheap. I have been studying in Melacca since I was in high school so I pretty familiar w the road and location. That’s really help when u takes the bus. 

I used to hate taking the bus especially the ting tong bus because if the bus is full then u have to stand lah. It is fine between alor gajah to melaka central. But if from melaka central to muar i have to stand then kaki pon boleh patah weh. So before this I usually take the express bus since the seat already sign to u but the bus always run out.

Now it’s different. I’m more prefer to take the ting tong bus then the express bus. Express bus takes the express road usually the highway and ting tong takes the “kampung” road. I love to see the scenery of the kampung road and u can actually see all types of people taking the bus. Their reaction, action, and behavior. So its quite interesting to observe them. Especially the foreign worker. 

If you never take the public transport, please try it. At least once in your life. 😁


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