Not a big fan of cooking but a huge fan of eating. haha. So much work goes in cooking that’s why I choose not to cook. But recently my mom got sick so since I’m the only daughter in the family those duties falls to me. Logically if you already 22 you should already know how to cook right. Wrong. hahaha

My whole life my mom always prepare the food so I didn’t really push myself to learn all those complicated dishes.But since I went to university and stay in rent house, I learn a bit on how to cook. Basic basic can la. hahaha. Even that Amira my roommate often cook for me. hehehe. yeah i know, very pamper right.

Recently I was on atkins diet so basically I have to prepare the food myself to ensure clean eating (but I also buy food from the stall la) busy kot student nak masak 24 jam. hahahaha. So I can la cook but the simple dishes je. Kalau dishes complicated tu either tengok google or asked amira to eat out jelah. hahaha

cooking is a skill. Thru time I’m sure I’m going to be good at it. So no fuss sangat la. Cuma akan jadi annoying bila orang memperlekehkan kita. Deyyyy. Baru belajar la, mana ada orang terus terer on the first try. *kecuali kalau bakat dia mmg memasak tu lain cerita la.

So now my mom been teaching me to cook every time I went home on the weekend. She would prepare the ingredient and I do the cooking. Team work! haha. hopefully I can be as good as my mom one day.


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