Boat noodle & dal.komm COFFEE


Today nak buat review on boat noodle and dal.komm coffee lah since last friday got a chance to go to IOI mall in Putrajaya. I got boat noodle on the food bucket list for a while now. Nak pergi tapi jauh nau then I find out that it open in IOI (paling dokat la tu). Dal.komm coffee nie yasmin favorite. Since she want to go there she have to belanja us lah.hehe.

Dal.komm is famous for their bingsu. It’s a shave ice with flavor. Ala-ala abc lah cuma a bit fancy la dari abc malaysia nie. I really recommend u guys to try it. It come with various of flavor. The last time we try is fruit bingsu (not sure the name tho). The fruit bingsu comes with of course fruit but we didnt like it as much as the apple pie bingsu. It comes with an apple pie on top and apple pie crumble. The ice shaving is milk flavor. I got an apple crum cruffing.The cruffing bread is flaky on the outside and soft on the inside top with apple crum (from apple pie I presume) , vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Masa makan crum dari bingsu dengan cruffing tu bertaburan kat lantai. Macam budak-budak. hahaha. Totallyย  recommend it even tho the price is quite pricey. An average price for bingsu is around RM20+ and cruffing is RM 17-Rm20+. But i assure you the portion is pretty large so worth every penny.

Then we move on to boat noodle. Tersangat la famous di waktu dahulu. Tapi la ni la baru dapat nak merasa. hahaha. What is boat noodle? It famous for the tiny portion of noodle in a bowl that cost RM2 each (include GST). One bite. Thats all it take to eat 1 bowl of noodle so you can eat 10 bowl of noodle and still feel hungry. hahaha. It come with 2 flavor sauce (pathumtani & ayutthaya) and 2 type of noodle (rice and egg). There also other dishes like rice and side dish. The drink also quite famous around here especially the thai green tea.

the menu

What did we get? 4 set of every flavor which the pathumtani and ayutthaya. Oh it also comes with selection of beef or chicken. So total of 16 bowl. I prefer the ayutthaya flavor because it more aromatic since it based on cream and herb and spices. Pathumtani is based on soy sauce so its light and a bit spicy. Yasmin got the chicken wings which for me it is the thinness chicken wing I ever seen in my life. hahahaha. It fry till the chicken is a bit dry(maybe thats how they do it in thai) so the chicken wing is a bit hard but when dip in the thai sos its not bad. But if you asked me if i would spent RM4.9 for dry thin chicken wing I probably wont buy it.

my dish

Since both me and amira only eat 4 bowl of noodle so we decided to get the rice. Which I got the Bangkok omelette rice and amira got the kra pow chicken rice. Mine is quite surprising good. Why so surprise? Since the rice is a plain rice and top with fried egg ( the egg fried with chilies and chunks of chicken) and comes with a small portion of curry. It is simple and delicious. The plain rice is laid under a banana leave so its smell and taste aromatic (no joke meh) and the gravy just complement the dish and not overwhelm it since they give it in this very very small cup. The gravy I believe to be curry since it taste a bit like curry and it was very creamy not like the kind we often eat in Malaysia. So I also recommend you guys to drop by and have a taste of thai flavor. So far i’m loving it.





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