I’m officially 22. *imagine the song 22 by taylor swift on the background. Sorry no sound for this post because I’m to cheap to upgrade this WordPress. haha. How do I feel ? Honestly, nothing…. It is just a number for me and the day is just like other day.

well, I been raise in a family that don’t actually celebrate birthday. The last time I celebrated my birthday with my family is I think when I was 5 or 6. I remember my mom tell me on her birthday that she don’t want any present or wishes but she wanted me to mention her on my prayer. So ever since that day I never forget to mention my parent on my prayers.

What did I do on my birthday? I went to Melaka to my rent house to do spring cleaning and hoping to spent time with my peeps but a long the way Yasmin got a little accident. Thank god that she is fine. Unfortunately her car is not. They have to tow her car away and we spent almost the entire day settling her car by going to the police station and car shop.

A dark day for yasmin indeed. So for now on, she will remember that my birthday is the day she got into an accident.hehe. But we did when to lunch while waiting for Yasmin parent to come.

Mirazer is the only person who never failed to give me something. This year she give me a care package filled with treats. Ohhh she also draw all those doodle herself. Terima kasih laaaaaa sangat mirazer. I also receive tones of wishes from all my friend so thank you for the warm wishes.

birthday dinner

Nomi , nina and syira did buy me a cake when we went to dinner which really sweet of them. My diet officially died that day. hahaha. So to everyone that wishes me on my birthday, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It meant a lot to me. 🙂



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