Graduation day

Okay I know, it is way to late to update about this but in my defends its been really busy year for me. Degree life is really hell. hahaha (Crying inside)

At least I can fondle with the memory of the joyous day of my life. Well actually the joyous day of my life is the day the final result came out and it say “LULUS” on it. Hahahaha. Graduation is just icing on the cake.

I have made it. 3 years of stressful life but nothing that i cant handle. Well… ada la jugak moment rasa macam nak give up tapi itulah kehidupan la kan. The important thing is to surround yourself with good friend and family.

A couple days before the big day, we (mira & yasmin) went on a deserving vacation to sungai klah hot spring. Unfortunately I had a little accident that resulting to me limping. Sakit gila woi. Because of that I didn’t have to wear hills to convocation. Thank god.

Bila dah kat Perak benda wajib ialah Wing Zone. This place have the best chicken wing in the entire Malaysia. Over sangat kan description nya. haha.

The next day, we pick up the graduation robe and went to photo shoot at Kellie castle. Disebabkan kami nie budak baik lepas photo shoot pergilah rehearsal.


Our graduation slot is at noon. Because my name start with an A, follow by D, I got to be the lucky number 1. The first on my course. My heart beat so fast when my name been called, partly because the Dean that give us the scroll randomly as question (depend on what u study). Luckily he didn’t asked me anything and just said congratulation.

How do I feel? Hella proud! Even tho I didn’t graduate 4 flat or 3.5 and above. I didn’t care. I graduated. nuff said.


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