Yusrina big day

A truly big day for one of my best friend. She would be my first closes friend to get married and it all come as a surprised because.. well as long as i know her, never and I mean NEVER I seen her dating nor in any relationship w anyone.But a few year ago there is a guy who trying “to get to know her” or in other word “friend” as Yus would said it that end up winning her heart.

A casual relation. Rarely see each other, calling and texting when needed only. And boom… Last year about the time of Hari Raya Haji, he come to yusrina house with his parent to ask for her hand (bertunang). We didn’t even know about it until this January.

The night of “nikah” when smoothly even-tho nomi and I didn’t get to watch the ceremony. The weeding day is on the next day with the theme of dark purple and of course Yusrina look gorgeous and the groom look dashing.


We decided to wear the same colour hijab just for fun.haha. There is a tradition in Johor called “tol” where the groom will be stop and answer a couple of question and pay the person who blocking the way. Nomi and Nina manage to took part in that and get seringgit each. hahaha.

geng roti essemble
Kelas KAA

While we are all there, we decide to hang out just to catch up. It been a while since all of us hang out. So we went to Tanjung mas for some abc and rojak. A lot of talking but a whole lot more of taking picture. hahaha




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